“Learning to play an instrument can create a world of possibilities.  Our Music Elite Program encourages students to enjoy making music through practical and theoretical music training” Milly Bawski, Music Elite Coordinator


Instrument lessons through IMSS:

  • Continue your IMSS lessons from your previous school.
  • Students who receive lessons privately can audition for the IMSS program.
  • Students who don’t receive instrumental lessons can audition for the IMSS Beginner Instrument Program (Year 7 only).
  • Instruments offered are: Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals. If your instrument of choice isn’t listed, please enquire.

Classroom Music
Classroom Music is an important and compulsory component of every student’s musical training from Year 7-10. The Music curriculum follows two learning components of Making & Responding.

Musical Literacy – Students improve their aural abilities and aural memory to identify, sing/play and transcribe music and create association between sound and notation.

Composing & Arranging –
Students explore their evolving personal style and musical ideas by incorporating and manipulating the elements of music. Through the use of Digital Audio Workstations students have the opportunity to compose, record and produce their own songs.

Practical & Performance –
Students practise, rehearse and perform a variety of musical pieces to develop technical skills and increase awareness of musical expression.

Analysis, Context & Respond and Interpretation & Evaluation – Students are provided the ability to engage in listening, analysing and interpreting musical scores from different cultures and eras, concentrating on the usage of musical elements and key stylistic features. Students are also provided with opportunities to reflect and view musical performances to develop and express their thoughts and feelings about a range of music and related social, cultural and ethical considerations.

If you are interested in your child auditioning for the Music Elite Program please schedule an appointment by emailing mitchell.martin@education.wa.edu.au or ashlyn.lacava@education.wa.edu.au

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Music Elite Program