Our Vision

Creating Positive Futures

Warwick Senior High School aims to deliver a world class education through its programs and services, to facilitate positive futures for our students.

With a focus on the whole child, we aim to develop students who are empowered to have strong self belief to achieve, have courage to take risks and to strive towards being the best person they can be.

They will strive to acquire new knowledge, skills and understandings and behaviours that will create endless possibilities for their own futures.

We will provide our students with opportunities for growth and development in all areas: academic, cultural and sporting with a focus on citizenship and personal responsibility.

Students will leave Warwick Senior High School and be equipped to engage confidently and successfully with a global community and be an active contributor to society.

Our Beliefs

At Warwick Senior High School our staff:

  • Believe that our students can do better and that teachers make a difference.
  • Acknowledge that whoever dares to teach, must be prepared to learn.
  • Have stated a commitment to: helping others, building character, providing opportunity for all, and learning for life.

Staff aim to foster positive relationships with students and colleagues to make the school community happier and more productive.

Our Motto

Aspire, Learn, Grow

believe to achieve and strive beyond your limits.

acquiring new knowledge, skills, understanding and behaviours and creating possibilities for your future.

having the courage to take risks, treat your mistakes as learning experiences, build your personal portfolio, develop positive relationships and strive to be the best person you can be.

Our Values

Warwick Senior High School aims for commitment, integrity and excellence in every endeavour. Staff, students and parents can work together to make a difference and help to ensure that every young person achieves to their maximum potential.

Our core values underpin all aspects of our school:

  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Responsibility
  • Environmental Sustainability