Building on their English work in primary school, students continue to develop analytical, creative, critical thinking and communication skills to consolidate and extend their skills, knowledge and understanding. This is delivered in a vibrant, text rich learning environment characterised by co-operation and collaboration. Students also extend their understanding of how language works, and learn to transfer this knowledge to different contexts. To achieve this, students develop an understanding of the requirements of different types of texts that engage readers and viewers of different abilities; they are introduced to increasingly sophisticated analyses of various kinds of literary, popular culture, and everyday texts, and they are given opportunities to engage with the technical aspects of texts. Such engagement helps students develop a sense of themselves, their world and their place in it facilitated through varied and creative teaching strategies which are underpinned by positive relationships and opportunities to explore and express ideas, responses and attitudes.

Through close study and wide reading, viewing and listening, students develop the ability to analyse and evaluate the purpose, stylistic qualities and conventions of texts and enjoy creating their own imaginative, interpretive, persuasive and analytical responses. English courses are designed to develop students’ facility with all types of texts and language modes and to foster an appreciation of the value of English for lifelong learning. Through excellence in planning and through the implementation of programs which firmly address the Western Australian Curriculum, students consistently produce results above ‘like’ schools in both NAPLAN and OLNA with ICAS competition certificates of Credit and Distinction demonstrating the achievement of the high performance of students at Warwick Senior High School.

All students are supported and growth facilitated through high performing teachers who place students at the centre of learning. Using technology to maximise student opportunities and engagement and employing varied, engaging and co-operative learning strategies, English at Warwick Senior High School is a firm favourite amongst our students.

Subjects on offer at Warwick Senior High School:

  • English (7-10), English ATAR and English General (11-12)
  • Language is life

WACE Syllabus content

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