Dress Code for Students at Warwick Senior High School

On enrolment, all parents and students sign a commitment to abide by the school dress code. Therefore, all students are expected to wear full school uniform and follow the dress code and parents are expected to support their child wearing the uniform. For excursions, unless the teacher-in-charge has sought prior approval from the Principal, students on excursions must wear the school uniform.

Warwick Senior High School is proud of its dress code which supports the enhancement of the learning climate, promotes equity and pride, and is a means of identification to ensure students operate in a safe environment where strangers are easily recognised.

All Warwick Senior High School uniform items must have the school name and/or logo printed on them. Therefore, substitute items that are not purchased from the official uniform shop are not acceptable to wear to school.

Uniforms are affordable and can be purchased from the uniform supplier at Uniform Concepts, 5/7 Delage St, Joondalup. They can be contacted by phone on 9270 4660 or via email.

Physical Education and Specialist Program uniforms must be worn for those classes only. They cannot be worn to school as normal school dress. Students change in and out of the PE/Specialist uniform for the class.

Students out of uniform on a particular day must have a note explaining the reason for not wearing uniform and give this note to Student Services. Students will be offered clean loan clothing. Students who are not in school uniform and refuse a loan uniform will not be permitted to attend class and a withdrawal from school will be considered for refusing to follow instructions. Students who are persistently referred to Student Services for school dress infringements may lose their Good Standing.

If a student is out of uniform on three occasions, they will receive a lunchtime detention.

Footwear: To comply with health and safety regulations, sneakers or plain enclosed shoes must be worn in all classes.

Jewellery and Accessories: Jewellery should comply with Occupational, Safety and Health standards. If a teacher of practical subjects is concerned about safety or hygiene, students will be asked to remove their jewellery or they may not participate. Students may wear accessories such as scarves, stockings, undershirts and leggings as long as they are in colours complimentary to the school uniform (e.g. plain navy or black). All approved school uniform items have a school logo on them.

Hair: In practical classes, for health and safety reasons, students with long hair should have their hair tied back.

The uniform at Warwick Senior High School is compulsory with no exceptions.

If you are experiencing difficulty in purchasing uniform for a child, parents/carers should contact the Year Coordinator for a confidential discussion to seek a solution.

Uniform brochure

2023 Warwick Senior High School Uniform List

P&C Second Hand Uniforms

The P&C have a large range of second hand uniform items for sale throughout the year. Please contact the P&C President, Lisa Walser, on 0411 024 528 or presidentpcwshs@outlook.com to enquire about stock availability. The P&C can also exchange unforms if they have stock available in similar condition. The P&C welcome donations of unwanted uniform items, this allows the P&C to continue to offer this valuable service to our school community. Uniform donations can be left at the school Administration office, addressed to ‘P&C donation’.

We are Proud of our Dress Standards