Student Support

Warwick Senior High School’s Student Support team comprises professional and caring people including the Student Services Manager, Year Coordinators, School Psychologist, Chaplain and Nurse. The role of this team is to provide students with information, confidential counselling and short and/or long term support. Consequently, students can feel that they are in a safe and caring environment and able to successfully take up the learning opportunities provided in order to contribute positively to the school community.

Student Services Manager

The Student Services Manager is responsible for co-ordinating the student support services and ensuring that there is good liaison between staff, students and parents. The Manager oversees the operation of the behaviour system for Years 7 to 10.

Year Coordinators

Year Coordinators are involved in pastoral care matters including orientation of new students, monitoring attendance, discussing learning and behavioural problems with students and parents, and organising social activities for the students.

School Psychologist

The School Psychologist assists in improving educational outcomes for students by providing specialist psychological support in the areas of mental health, behaviour and learning.  The School Psychologist’s role can involve individual short term counselling and student support, participation in case conferences and behaviour management support.  It can also involve liaising with parents, working closely with all members of the Student Services team and, liaison and referral to outside agencies.  Teachers or parents with school-related concerns regarding a student please contact Student Services to discuss referral to the service and/or participate in a collaborative planning meeting to address any concerns.


The School Chaplain provides support to students, parents and teachers of any denomination. The Chaplain is available to listen, act as a sounding board, counsel students on how to cope with change (grief/loss), help with family stress and relationship breakdown, act as a resource person providing links to wider community support resources, as well as to help explore the reality of God in everyday life.

Health Services

The Health Centre is staffed by trained staff from 8.30 am to 2.45 pm each day. The school Nurse focuses on health promotion and is able to see students for any health related needs and to provide counselling and crisis care for all aspects of child/adolescent health. The First Aid officers provide primary first aid and can give simple advice on health and wellbeing matters. The Health Centre also provides a range of literature on a number of health issues and, in particular, on issues related to young people.