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At Warwick Senior High School, we believe that participation in the Arts develops student creativity and self expression, which increases students’ confidence and motivation at school. Students are, therefore, given the opportunity to select and participate in a range of experiences from Year 7 through to Year 12 in both the Visual and the Performing Arts. Our programs develop an excellent understanding of the creative process and enable students to appreciate the Arts within a social, cultural, and historical context. Arts programs at Warwick Senior High School are rewarding and academically rigorous, they promote STEAM skills such as problem solving, collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking. This enables students to pursue further studies and careers both within and outside of the Arts. Students are given many opportunities to showcase their achievements at school and in the wider community.

Lower School Courses

Digital Design (Year 9 and 10):

Students will develop their digital camera skills and explore the Adobe Creative Suite, to create innovative and exciting digital designs/artworks.

Drama (Year 8 and 9):

Students develop confidence in using verbal and non-verbal skills. This promotes the successful development of characterisation, which leads to engaging performances.

Dance Elite (Year 7 to 10):

The fundamental skills of various dance genres are explored through these courses. Choreography and performance skills are developed, culminating in small group dances that reflect popular culture. For more information on the Dance Elite Program, please click here.

Music Elite and General Music (Year 7 to 10):

Music exists distinctively in every culture and is a basic expression of human experience. At Warwick Senior High School both the Elite and General programs give students the opportunity to explore different musical genres and to express their creativity and experiences through solo and group performances. For more information on the Music Elite and General Music Program, please click here. 

Media Arts (Year 8 to 10):

Students develop a range of technical film making skills and learn how to use a range of digital programs. These skills underpin the production of innovative short films, advertisements, and other various forms of media.

Visual Arts (Year 7, 9, 10):

Students develop an understanding of visual language and explore different media and techniques to create original final pieces. Various artists are analysed and investigated to give students a greater understanding of the visual world.

Senior School Courses

Certificate II in Creative Industries:

The Certificate II in Creative Industries consolidates prior learning in Year 8, 9 and 10. Students use a range of film making equipment and techniques to create various film and sound productions. Students gain skills in both independent and collaborative working practices.

Dance General:

Dance General gives students the skills, knowledge and understanding of how to manipulate movement. This allows students to develop and present ideas through a variety of different genres. Students learn about the functions of dance and its importance as a form of expression in society. For more information on the Dance Elite Program, please click here.

Visual Arts General:

Visual Arts General builds on prior learning in lower school. A design process is followed which leads to original final pieces using a variety of 2D and 3D media. Students analyse and respond to the construction of artworks and consider artistic influences, the impact of artists and the meaning and purpose behind their works.