Mathematics is a creative and highly interconnected discipline. It is essential to everyday life, especially with regard to financial literacy, and is critical to science, technology, engineering and most forms of employment. At Warwick Senior High School, we provide students with a high quality mathematics education that promotes the ability to be creative, use reasoning, solve problems and interpret information. This is accomplished in an environment which is supportive, caring, challenging and safe.

The Mathematics Learning Area at Warwick Senior High School aims to ensure our students:

  • Develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts presented in the West Australian Curriculum as they progress through their secondary schooling. We believe the ability to be fluent with processes, reason and solve problems in the fields of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability is vital.
  • Achieve to the best of their ability in the Mathematics field and be in a position to choose the ATAR or General course that best reflects their ability whilst also providing appropriate challenge.
  • Are confident, creative users and communicators of Mathematics who are able to investigate and interpret situations in their personal lives. It is essential that our students leave Warwick Senior High School as numerate adults who are able to cope with the skills associated with everyday living, study and employment.
  • Are strongly supported in their academic pursuits. This comes in the form of fortnightly free homework classes where students can receive mathematical help from their teachers. We also offer extra assistance to students with regard to NAPLAN and OLNA.
  • Learn in a classroom that is stimulating, creative, has clear expectations and positive relationships
  • Recognise the importance of Mathematics and how it is utilised in other disciplines.


Years 7 – 10

  • All classes receive differentiated learning. Our Academic Extension classes are provided with high end reasoning, interpreting and problem solving activities.

Years 11 – 12

  • Mathematics Essentials
  • Mathematics Applications
  • Mathematics Methods
  • Mathematics Specialist (conducted by the WestCoast Curriculum Collaborative group of Schools)

WACE Syllabus content

Visit the WACE website to find out information about mathematics subjects

The Mathematics Learning Area pursues inclusivity and personal achievement with all students at Warwick Senior High School. Our students receive the opportunity to participate in mathematical competitions, Numeracy Week, visits from guest speakers, technology sessions and Pi Day. These activities all contribute to an atmosphere of fun, learning and excellence.