Warwick Senior High School is a school that is going places!  As you peruse our website, you will notice that there is a great amount of activity occurring at this school.  This activity includes academic, artistic, sporting and cultural activities and that our students and staff are engaged into.

Our school is focused on gaining the best educational outcomes for our students through our teaching and learning programs and our curriculum and also the “wrap around” support that we give our students.  The social and emotional development of the child is also focussed on at Warwick.  Educational programs aim to extend and enrich students’ experiences i.e. our Academic Extension Program and our STEM focus in our school based STEAM program.  After school clubs allow students with particular interests to pursue these after school hours.  These include Robotics, Mathematics, Science, IT and Audio Visual.  Students of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend.

The school also has programs for those students who need assistance with their literacy and numeracy and those whose social skills may prevent them from engaging fully into their own education.

Our Department of Education Approved Specialist Netball and Australian Rules Football programs cater for those with sporting ability, while the Elite Dance and the Music program cater for those who are more artistic.

The school offers both the ATAR (university bound) pathway and the General/VET pathway.  School results over a number of years show that the school has been successful in ensuring students are well prepared for their post school destinations.

In the last year, the school has been recognised as a leader in STEM education by being awarded Meritorious Leadership in the Governors’ STEM Awards in 2017 and being nominated into the Department of Education Innovation Schools program for STEM.  Various awards have been awarded in other STEM based competitions in 2017.

Enjoy your walk through our school, through this website.  We are very proud of our achievements and our success.  I look forward to meeting you and your child.  Tours are available on request, which I take pride in conducting myself.

Lesley Wintle