Assessment Policy

Warwick Senior High School updated its Year 7 to 10 and Year 11 to 12 Assessment and Reporting Policies in 2021. These are comprehensive documents that cover all likely situations but the answers to the following frequently asked questions may assist in the first instance.

Is attendance compulsory for all school assessments?

Attendance is compulsory for all school assessments. If a student is absent for a scheduled assessment, the student is required to complete the assessment or submit the assessment task, during the next lesson attended by the child (or as required by the teacher).

When the student is repeatedly absent and/or there is no contact from the parent/carer (i.e. a notice, medical certificate, phone call etc.) then penalties will apply. This may include a score of zero (0) being recorded for the assessment.

What if my child is going to be away for an extended period of time?

Pre-planned absences require the student to negotiate to complete the assigned work prior to leaving school or to email the assigned assessment to the teacher by the due date.

During an extended absence due to injury or illness, the school will endeavour to provide support for the student’s continued learning program. Extension can be made at the discretion of the teacher, in cases of illness or significant personal circumstances.

In line with Department of Education guidelines, the Principal does not authorise holidays during school time due to implications on student learning. Where a student will be away when an assessment is due for submission, the student must negotiate to complete and submit the assessment prior to holiday departure, or email the assessment to the teacher by the due date. When an in-class assessment or examination is missed due to a family holiday or unapproved absence, the consequence is that a zero (0) will automatically be awarded.