Academic Extension Program is a focus area at Warwick Senior High School.

In Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students are tested and placed in Academic Extension classes in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Extension work, programs and activities are embedded in the teaching and learning programs to accelerate and challenge students to achieve beyond their limits.

Extension activities include:

  1. Competitions and clubs
  2. Excursions and guest speakers
  3. Use of Information Communication Technology
  4. University extension courses

The following is a summary of how each learning area delivers the Academic Extension Program:


  1. Differentiation of curriculum and enrichment
  2. Open-ended tasks to encourage higher order thinking
  3. Extending vocabulary and enriching language
  4. Encouraging student reflection
  5. Use of texts from different times and places


  1. Delivering the highest level content for each year group
  2. Problem solving
  3. Employing Cooperative Learning techniques
  4. Preparation for highest pathways in Senior School


  1. Thinking skills and brain theory
  2. Using Cooperative Learning techniques
  3. National and international competitions
  4. Preparation for highest pathways in Senior School

Humanities & Social Science

  1. Problem solving activities
  2. Higher order concepts and complexity in thinking
  3. Use of Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences strategies
  4. Open-ended activities
  5. Preparation for ATAR courses.

How to apply

The initial application for enrolment for the program is by an Expression of Interest followed up by testing.

Students wishing to apply for this program need to contact Warwick Senior High School on 08 9345 6430 to request an application package and for information on testing. All students must meet criteria for selection and maintain academic and school behaviour standards to remain in the program.

Information Brochure

Academic Extension Program