Business & Information Technology

Warwick Senior High School offers studies in both Business and Information Technology. The two subjects are tightly bound as the way we conduct business in society is enhanced by the use of technology to the point where it is difficult to stay competitive in the modern world if you do not have an online presence. At Warwick we are passionate about both areas of study and our staff have relevant industry experience spanning many years. Our teachers have seen information technology in use in the corporate world as well as in other areas of society. They recognise those skills such as coding and the 21st century skills such as communication and problem solving are crucial to their students’ success in the future. They are dedicated to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to develop these skills to the best of their ability as they will need them for future employment and even life skills. The federal government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda indicates clearly that technology plays an important part in every student’s future. “Hands on” trades such as manufacturing are slowly being replaced by machines and there will be a future need for employees who have the coding skills to program and run the machines.

Lower School

Typically students in Years 7 and 8 are given instruction in a range of topics in line with the Digital Technologies curriculum. In Years 9 and 10 the students begin to develop technology solutions of their own with support from teachers. Business students learn the basic techniques for small business development in lower school.

Areas covered:

  • Effective research
  • Binary
  • Networking
  • Computer hardware
  • Skill building in AV presentation, using various software

Senior School

Years 11 and 12 students complete the nationally recognised VET Certificate II or III in Business which provides pathways for employment or further study.