Year 7 Great Start Awards were conducted at Warwick SHS back in April. As the name states, the Great Start Awards recognises students in Year 7 who have made a fantastic start to high school, whether it be through high achievement, exemplary behaviour or for demonstrating consistent levels of effort throughout Term 1.

This event was attended by parents and carers, as well as many special guests from local primary schools. Many Warwick teachers struggled to select only two students from their class and some even tried to sneak a few extra nominations in! Over 40 students across the year group received an award, with some receiving several awards from multiple subject areas.

It was fantastic to see these students recognised for their hard work and effort throughout the term, however, I believe the whole Year 7 cohort has made an amazing start to high school. It is not an easy task to leave primary school behind to start fresh again at high school, but they have all done an outstanding job!

Some photographs of the day are included below.

Adam Pesce
Year 7 Coordinator
Physical & Health Education