One of the final assessment tasks for the Year 12 General English course of study was to prepare and present a speech on the topic “What are you passionate about?”

The topics that students chose were all interesting and varied, but without a doubt the ones that were most successful were the topics that students had a strong personal connection with right from the start of the task.

From the speeches that were initially delivered in front of their Year 12 class for assessment, three speakers were then chosen to present their speech to their peers and a panel of adjudicators. This gave the students an opportunity not only to extend and challenge themselves in the pursuit of excellence, but also provided them with an extra layer of positive feedback from independent adjudicators.

Ava Fletcher, Sean Currie and Rusel Alzubaidy are to be congratulated for being selected as the three top speakers, and for their excellent oration skills, as well as for their interesting choices of topics related to education, sport and culture.

These three outstanding students have been inspirational role models, as well as agents of change, for future General English students.  It is anticipated that this event will become an annual tradition for the Year 12 General English course in the future.

Thanks and appreciation must go to Mrs Burke’s Year 12 General English class for their cooperation and participation in this event, as well as Ms Wintle, Ms Cleaver, Ms Hall, Ms Dawn and Ms Faletti for their time and support as mentors and adjudicators.

Veronica Burke

Principal Lesley Wintle and Veronica Burke with top three speakers; Ava Fletcher, Rusel Alzubaidy and Sean Currie.