Warwick students Devdhar Metah, Charlie Hamilton, Lewis Marlam, Pia Ward-Dickson, Alana Dooley and Kelly Tat are working in teams building two Warwick SHS solar cars to compete in the Infinite Solar Car Challenge in 2019. This challenge is a step up from the Year 7 and 8 Synergy Solar Car Challenge and aims at developing the engineering skills of senior school students.

Devdhar Metah and Charlie Hamilton working on the car design.

Teams are required to design, build and tune a solar car to race on a figure eight track against other competing cars. Students use CAD software to design different models and then use 3D printers and laser cutter to develop parts to build their car. All circuitry and gear changes are researched by the students prior to race day to ensure the car will run efficiently, regardless of the weather conditions.

This state competition, hosted at UWA, provides all teams with a highly efficient motor and solar panel that is standard for all teams. The Warwick teams will compete on October 30 and 31 in a number of elimination races to decide the State Champion. We wish our teams ‘good sun’ and a successful race day.

Mr Ben Garnaut
Science Teacher