Kayd Woods at Isuzu UTE.

Year 12 VET students have commenced their work experience this term.  This is a great opportunity before they leave school to ‘try before they buy’. Often a lot of students will think they like the idea of a particular career, but they don’t have the full facts about what the job is about. One of the other benefits of work experience is its potential to provide opportunities for students to learn more about their own abilities. and helps them explore their strengths and weaknesses.

It can be challenging for school leavers if they are looking to join the workforce, especially if they don’t have work experience or employers that they can list as a referee. Work experience is a great way for students to address this problem, providing experience to help them secure an option like a part time job while studying at university or trying to gain a full-time apprenticeship in a trade.

The Year 12 students participating in work experience this year are doing well and we are confident that the skills they learn during their placement will assist them with their future career pathway.

The Year 11 School Based Traineeship students have also been placed and the students are combining their placement with a VET certificate that is related to their workplace.

In Term 3 we have the Year 11 VET students will be undertaking work experience for 10 weeks and we are in the process of interviewing all students before their placement. The students have been given a work place induction and they are learning valuable work related skills in their classes.

Elise Smith
VET Coordinator

Damian Lewis at Nuford.

Joyraia Palmer at Halidon Primary School