My work experience with ICRAR (International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research) took place from the 15th to 18th April 2019 and involved me spending two days at ICRAR Curtin and two days at ICRAR UWA. I found that at Curtin, most of the astronomers work on either the Epoch of Reionisation or on active galactic nuclei (AGN), whereas at UWA they place more focus on cosmology and by having my time distributed equally at each location, I got a great insight into all of these areas.

My week of work experience was truly amazing! I learnt so much from so many great researchers and students and was sad when it came to an end. I already loved astronomy prior to my work experience; however what I learnt at ICRAR has given me a truly unique insight into the life of an astronomer, more than I could ever have known without this opportunity.

Alana Dooley
Year 11

Alana enjoying her work experience with ICRAR back in April this year. You can read her blog, which which outlines each day of her 4 day experience at UWA and Curtin here.