Warwick Senior High School has been recognised as having the best STEM program in Australia.

The school received the prize at the Australian Education Awards 2018 on 17 August.

Warwick Senior High School was also one of only two WA schools to be named among the 160 finalists for the awards hosted by The Educator magazine. This award comes just weeks after four Warwick staff were announced as finalists in the WA Education Awards – three of whom work in Warwick’s award winning STEAM education program, which also includes arts in the STEM focus. It also follows recognition for Meritorious Leadership in the 2017 Governor’s STEM Award.

Principal Lesley Wintle said the latest award was acknowledgement of the school’s innovative approach to teaching students and the skill and dedication of staff, specifically the program leaders Graham Johnson and Jeremy Caspersz.

“STEAM education at Warwick is not an elite program for the best students, it’s for everyone and our students are really benefitting,” she said.

“Graham has a mantra, ‘every child, every class, every opportunity’. That really does capture our approach across the school in all areas.

“We want to excite students about learning and the opportunities that can offer in the future.”