Felix Bergdahl is thriving in his temporary new life in Perth.

Felix comes from the Swedish capital, Stockholm arriving in Perth in late July as part of the Rotary Exchange Program. He is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Karrinyup and will attend Warwick SHS for the duration of his 12-month exchange.

Felix’s school experiences in Australia will differ from those is Sweden, where education is not compulsory after your 16th year.

“Classes at my school run from 8.20 am until 4 pm and you don’t wear a uniform,” he said. “Education is free in Sweden and lunch is provided at school.”

Felix’s favourite subjects at home are English and the Social Sciences, but he is enjoying the opportunity to take classes in Physical Education and Psychology during his exchange.

Exploring Perth and Western Australia is keeping Felix busy. He has attended a few West Coast Eagles games, experienced a weekend on a farm and is looking forward to visiting Canberra and Sydney with his host family during the school holidays.

Felix’s interests include travel, sports and spending time with friends. The Year 11 students have welcomed Felix and are making sure he is involved in the activities of the school and wider community.

The entire Warwick school community wishes Felix a memorable and enjoyable stay.