When this year’s ATAR results were released there were a few surprises in store for students at Warwick SHS.

Caleb McKenna, who was this year’s ATAR Dux, anticipated a high score but was ecstatic to find learn that he scored 99.55 for his efforts. Caleb commented that he was surprised by his results. “The score exceeded my own expectations,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier”.

Adding to his excitement, however, was news that he had secured one of only 60 places in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) program, where he will be majoring in Engineering, and had been awarded a Fogarty Scholarship, UWA’s most prestigious scholarship.

But the good news for the school did not end there. A third of ATAR students at Warwick gained a score above 90, with 42% scoring above 80.

In total 34, Year 12 students applied for university and all received an offer.

Principal Lesley Wintle said that the school’s focus is on supporting all students to achieve their post-school goals.

“We have very deliberately placed greater emphasis on higher order thinking, examination technique and effective study skills. This has seen our results steadily improve.”

“I have also initiated a partnership between the school and Curtin University’s Curtin AHEAD program where students are encouraged to consider a university pathway and then supported to achieve to their potential. This program is now embedded in the school and we are now seeing students better understand the pathways open to them.”

The 2018 ATAR results are the best that the school has achieved over the past 15 years.