Our school vision is “Creating Positive Futures.”

Why have a school vision?

The purpose of any school vision is to: provide a sense of direction and a basis for assessing both the current reality of the school and potential strategies, programs and procedures, to improve on that reality.

It also should promote a compelling, attractive, realistic future that describes what we desire for our school and its students to become, and underpins our fundamental purpose.

It is the reason we exist!

Our moral purpose and our values should never change, but the operating practices and business strategies that the school uses, should be changing constantly in response to an ever changing world.

Research shows that a team is bonded by a shared mission.  The more people share a common cause, the more the group will do deeply satisfying and outstanding work.  An attractive, worthwhile and achievable vision for the future drives an organisation like our school, towards excellence and long range success.

We believe that this new vision statement strengthens our school’s moral purpose and our direction into the future.

As parents/carers, you are involved in achieving this visions too, though your actions in the home and how you support the school!

A Statement About Our Shared Vision

At Warwick Senior High School we aim to deliver a world class education through our programs and services, to facilitate positive futures for our students.

With a focus on the whole child, we aim to develop students who are empowered to have strong self belief to achieve, have courage to take risks and to strive towards being the best person they can be.

They will strive to acquire new knowledge, skills and understandings and behaviours that will create endless possibilities for their own futures.

We will provide our students with opportunities for growth and development in all areas: academic, cultural and sporting, with a focus on citizenship and personal responsibility.

Students will leave Warwick Senior High School and be equipped to engage confidently and successfully with a global community and be an active contributor to society.

Lesley Wintle

Your P&C: Paying the Levy

Warwick SHS P&C is a small band of hard working people who meet regularly to ensure they support the school and its students. The P&C manage the canteen operations and its staff, aiming to provide quality, nutritious food for a reasonable price, the Warwick and West Coast SESC students and staff.

This year the P&C are fundraising through a number of strategies including: holding sausage sizzles, selling the Entertainment Book, selling Subway lunches on a day and selling Hot Cross Buns to parents at Easter. The funds raised are put into the operations of the canteen to keep it viable each year.  (As a small high school, our canteen barely breaks even each year.)

People ask “Why should I pay the $40.00 P&C levy?” which the school requests annually on the Contribution and Charges sheet. My response to this is “to provide your P&C with a small source of funds with which to operate”.  The $40.00 equates to only $1.00 per week per family, to ensure our P&C can exist, but particularly to ensure the school has canteen. This is an essential part of a school.  As our school numbers increase and canteen profits increase, I believe the P&C levy will be able to be used for wider school purposes as desired by your P&C committee. So please aim to pay this small contribution to the P&C.

Next P&C meeting:
When: Term 3, Week 4, Monday 12 August
Time: 7:15 to approx. 8.30 pm
Where: in the Staff room above the Admin block.