The one constant in teaching is change, so this year welcome back Ms Tuyen Nguyen to Warwick after a ten year absence. Ms Nguyen started her teaching career here at Warwick and we are really pleased to have her Chemistry knowledge back in the school. We also formally welcome Mrs Gemma Chatterton to Science after being employed in the middle of 2018. The existing staff of Mr Graham Johnson (HOLA),  Mr Malcolm Dodds, Mr Damien Stirbinskis, Mr Ben Garnaut, and our Laboratory Manager, Mrs Lena Durbridge, are all returning for another year of discovery.

Just a quick reminder about some key points:

  • Our staff will be using Connect with every class this year so watch out for notifications on tests, assignments and activities occurring in Science.
  • We would like all students to have a 96 page exercise book to work in Science.
  • Information letters have been sent home in the front for your child’s Science workbook that will give you all the information you require about your child’s Science education this year.
  • We must have your signature for your child to watch PG rated videos. This permission slip is on the front page of the student workbooks.
  • We are happy to take your old batteries as we are part of the Tamala Park Recycling Program collection program. Hand them to the front office or your child’s teacher for recycling.

Science Club runs after school on Wednesdays and all students are encouraged to attend if they have a passion for Science or want extra help with their work.

Making Teacher Contact

We always encourage teachers to make regular contact with parents to keep parents informed on their child’s progress. If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress, please make contact with the Science Department on 6240 4413. An easier way is to make contact by direct email as you will receive a reply more quickly. A list of staff email addresses is below.

The Science Department wishes all students a happy and successful year in 2019.

Yours in Science,

Mr Graham Johnson
Science (HOLA)

Welcome back to Warwick Ms Nuyen.