Warwick Senior High School recently presented the Year 12 Awards at the Year 12 Farewell Ceremony. The following VET students received awards.

Kleoniki Houlis – Dux VET

Kleoniki achieved outstanding results as a Vocational Education and Training (VET)/Workplace Learning (WPL) student over her two senior years at Warwick Senior High School. She completed more than 360 hours in the workplace and was acknowledged as a worker with a wonderful attitude who was motivated to learn new skills and benefit from new experiences.  In 2017, Kleoniki completed the Certificate II in Animal studies in 2017 and Applied Vocational Training awarded her the “Student of the Year for Animal Studies”.  In 2018, Kleoniki completed the Certificate III in Animal Studies, as well as a Certificate II in Business.

Noah Ash – Australian Super Westscheme Division Award for Excellence in VET 

Noah completed three qualifications at school, including Certificate II in Sport and Recreation, Construction Pathways and Community Services.  He showed a high level of maturity in his work and during his work placement.  Noah is well organised, responsible and hard working.  Noah also won the Certificate II in Construction Pathways prize, as he consistently demonstrated the ability to solve problems within the Construction context.  He is able to use a variety of tools and machinery effectively and safely manufacture a variety of projects successfully and to a high standard. 

Joshua Kearsley – All-rounder Award for Design and Technology

Joshua demonstrated the necessary skills and ability to work in the Engineering and Construction industries. His Workplace Learning experience proved he could achieve his goals. Beyond Tools rewarded Antek with a gift to assist in getting started in any industry he chooses. 

Faiza Hassani – Workplace Learning Award

Fazia completed four work placements over the two senior years, finding each placement herself.  She made the most of the opportunity to explore different businesses and received outstanding reports from every placement.  Each employer commented on Fazia’s willingness to learn and that she was proactive in all tasks.