Year 9 Applied Engineering

Year 9 Applied Engineering students have been busy working in groups to design and build a solar car that would travel as fast as possible, using problem solving and creativity skills. They were given specific equipment and learned about how circuits worked, along with using gearing and soldering to design their solar cars. After constructing their cars, they tested them on the basketball courts and then modified and tested their cars to improve their performance.

Year 10 Metalwork – Fruit Bowls

Year 10 Metalwork students have used skills gained throughout the year, to design fruit bowls with a theme. Themes students created include: nature, symbols, natural formations, footballs, transformers, animals and more. Once they had created a design, they used CorelDraw and the CNC plasma cutter to cut out components for their bowls. Students then used the spot welder and oxy acetylene plant to weld their bowls together. Heat was then applied so the bowls could be shaped using wooden mallets and concrete moulds.