Year 9 Applied Engineering

Students from the Year 9 Applied Engineering class recently took the two Warwick Pedal Prix vehicles out onto the basketball courts for a test drive. The aim was for students to experience driving and powering the cars. It is envisaged that the skills and knowledge learnt by students in Applied Engineering will eventually see them designing and building a chassis for a Pedal Prix vehicle in Year 10. It was important that all students in the class see how the vehicles worked and to start to think about some of the design challenges that await them next year.

Warwick goes Solar

A solar powered recharging station for mobile devices was recently installed in the year 7 area. The aim is for students to be able to use it to recharge their mobile devices during recess and lunch. It’s so far proved to be popular with the students with the possibility of more being built later on this year.  The photo shows Jake, Thomas, Lachie and Bethannee have fun trying out the bench.

Year 12 Certificate II in Construction Pathways

Students in the year 12 Certificate II in Construction Pathways recently completed their bricklaying project. The project was designed for students to showcase the skills and techniques that they had learnt in the bricklaying section of the course.

Teams of 2 were formed with each member required to complete their own pier, prior to both being joined by a 2 course wall. An arch was then built on top of the walls between the 2 piers. Each team also had to construct their own template for the building of the arch.

Students are to be congratulated on a great effort, as shown in the photographs. Many skills were demonstrated including the STEAM skills that we are trying to encourage all students to learn and practice in order to enhance future job prospects.

Jeremy Caspersz