GRIP Leadership Conference

On March 26 the Student Council and two representatives from Years 7, 8 and 9 attended the GRIP Leadership Conference at the Perth Convention Centre. The day gave the students an opportunity to improve their current leadership roles within the school with new skills, new perspectives and new ideas for making a positive contribution as a school student leader.

The sessions highlighted that leadership is about the people and not the position or the power. Students were also given the chance to reflect on themselves as characters as they were taught that they should

first develop their own character with good qualities before trying to change the world. Positive characters can influence others by having confidence with humility, being focused, reliable and showing empathy. Other workshops explored how to maximise their contribution to their team in the Student Council, how to involve more people in school events, how to create an amazing school culture and how to choose and advance a cause. The students came away with optimistic outlooks and hope to contribute to the school in positive ways to help encourage an amazing school culture.

Miss Moran & Miss Kirkby

Harmony Week

During Week 7 of Term 1, the Student Council decided they wanted to help promote the diversity of cultures within our school. They decided they would promote Harmony week with a range of activities. Harmony Week is a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, and the successful integration of migrants into our country. During recess and lunch in the amphitheatre, music was played from different cultures around the world. Cultures included Indian, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and more. During lunch times students could participate in different sports including Basketball, Gridiron, Australian Rules Football and Dodgeball. On the final day the students were invited to partake in a Kahoot quiz that asked questions about Harmony Day.

The Student Council were excited to also invite the students from West Coast SESC to take part in the events too. In return the Student Council were also invited to West Coast’s Harmony Day Lunch and judge their Harmony Day Collage competition. It was an harmonious week with lots of inclusivity, action and celebration.

Miss Moran
Art/Student Council Coordinator