A STEAM Award has been introduced to recognise students who display the 5 skills that Warwick SHS has identified as being important throughout their education. These skills are problem solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and analytical thinking.

Staff were asked to award votes to the Year 7 students that demonstrated these skills in classroom activities and/or specific STEAM challenges throughout Semester 1. Staff were also urged not to just consider awarding these votes based on a student’s grade, but instead, to choose students who demonstrated the STEAM skills that the school is trying to encourage all students to develop and use in all parts of their studies. The votes were then tallied and the winning students were awarded the Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) and Bronze (3rd) STEAM badges.

The STEAM awards will be presented at the end of each semester and will be ongoing throughout all year groups in the future.

Mr Caspersz
HOLA | Technologies

Mr Caspersz and Ms Wintle with Year 7 STEAM Award winners Annie Pham, Fiona Southall and Summer Leota.