Students used both digital and traditional methods to create designs that communicated different themes; organic, summer, party, night, fruity and water. The digital designs where created using the drawing tools, Adobe Illustrator and the recently purchased Wacom drawing tablets. The tablets let the designer use a pen instead of a mouse which can make many new Illustrator users feel more comfortable. The traditional methods included pencil, marker pens and paint.


This Year 11 project was an introduction to the Design General course. In this course, students were introduced to a number of digital technologies that are used within Graphic Design. iMac computers, Adobe Illustrator and Wacom drawing tablets are important creative tools in today’s creative industries. Designing involves problem solving, therefore students were tasked with creating and organising images and text to satisfy a design problem (the themes). They were also required to use new technologies which in themselves required new ways of drawing and organising the design elements.


STEAM skills play a big part in nearly all aspects of the Design course. Research and analysis of existing designs and imagery was the first step. Once students gained a better understanding of the theme and how best to communicate each visually (e.g. colours, images, style) they were able to develop their own design solutions (problem solve). The creative thinking process involved sketching initial ideas and then moving on to either the digital drawing process or the traditional methods.