Problem solving and collaboration are important STE(A)M skills.

At Warwick, our viewpoint is “STE(A)M for all students”.

To finish the year in Mathematics, students in all classes have been engaging in problem solving activities.

The focus has been on students finding a pattern to answer a challenging question.

One problem in particular has spiked the curiosity in students of all abilities.

It is called “Frogs”.  Students were asked to interchange three frogs in 15 moves and explain how they did it.

A frog can either hop onto an adjacent square or jump over one other frog to the vacant square immediately beyond it. The frogs cannot jump backwards.

Source:  Shell Centre

The aim of the activity was for students to be able to answer these questions:

  1. How many moves would be needed to interchange 20 white and 20 black frogs?
  2. How many moves would be needed to interchange n white and n black frogs?

The students have loved working on this problem. Thanks to Mr Singh for finding this wonderful activity!

Want to attempt to solve this problem?  Click on the link below.  It’s very addictive!