This term our Year 7 class has been reading ‘The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind’, an autobiography by William Kamkwamba, who built a windmill to help his family and his village in Malawi. William’s story is inspiring because, regardless of his limited education, he continued to read books and taught himself ways to use science that would help others.

To immerse ourselves in the Malawian culture, our class researched and typed our own recipes for ‘Nsima’, the staple food of Malawi, and then cooked it in the Home Economics room. We all did a brilliant job at cooking something unfamiliar for the first time and an even better job of eating it with butter and delicious African relish.

During our reading, we recognised the difficulties that some people experience when living without power and this gave us the idea of providing other children with solar lights for studying at night. We purchased light packs from The Solar Buddy Project and built them during class. We will now enjoy writing letters to our friends in a developing country who will receive the lights we made for them.

This unit of work has highlighted for us how lucky we are to live in Australia. We have gained a deeper understanding of the opportunities we are given, such as education and that we should appreciate the luxuries that we often take for granted.

Mrs Temov
English Teacher