Year 9.1 Science

Over the past 10 weeks, Year 9.1 Science have been applying their scientific knowledge, understanding and skills to solve the focus question of “How can we be more sustainable with food, water and energy in our school and community?” and  have been equipped with the vital skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration to do so.

Working in teams, students developed sustainability ideas, models and research projects to describe how they believed they could create positive change in their community. This work culminated with selected teams showcasing their projects at Scitech on Tuesday 8 December.

The ‘NXplorers’ program is an opportunity for secondary school students to understand how STEM thinking can relate practically to their world. This mentality is immensely empowering and demonstrates how and why STEM skills can shape future career opportunities as well as their day to day lives. Well done to all involved!