Science under construction

The Science courtyard is currently undergoing a redevelopment as it is turned it into an outdoor teaching area, focusing on horticulture and aquaponics. As sustainability is a key focus of the curriculum, our goal is to only use materials that are either recycled, reused or repurposed.

Staff attend Aquaponics Course

A number of Warwick teachers gave up their Saturday on 5 September, to attend a course on aquaponics conducted by Hayden from Perth Aquaponics. They were the students for the day, taking notes and given homework.

The school is currently re-developing the Science courtyard as an outdoor classroom to enable students to become more “hands on” in their learning. Aquaponics incorporates many principles of Science, agriculture, Maths and business, and we look forward to students utilising the system in their learning.

Warwick Senior High School is supported in this project by our wonderful partners in Australian Schools Plus, who have provided the seed funding to get this project started.

Year 12 Human Biology Excursion

Wednesday 5 August, the Year 12 Human Biology class visited Perth Zoo to support their learning in their final topic, Past and Present Primates. They attended a workshop where they compared the skulls of monkeys, apes and human ancestors, before making their way to the orangutan enclosure to observe behaviours.