Year 8 students on their way out of the world

It came out of the blue, a cold call from one of America’s top aeronautical companies with an offer that was too good to refuse. Northup Gruman, a company that designs, develops and builds some of the world’s most advanced spacecraft, offered two Warwick students and one staff member a fully paid scholarship to attend Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama, in the recent July holidays.

Warwick was selected due to its Australian award-winning STE(A)M program, and a philosophy that fits the core values of the company well.

A selection process was undertaken and then came COVID, which put a stop to everything. It has been recently confirmed that the two selected students, Eammon Chandler and Daniel Stayt, will get the opportunity to attend the camp in 2021. Science HOLA, Mr Graham Johnson said that “this was not only a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students but more proof that the school’s STE(A)M program was preparing students for the future workforce”.

Whilst Eammon and Daniel attend their camp in early July 2021, Mr Johnson will be attending the teacher camp at the same time, for his professional learning.

Eamonn Chandler

Daniel Stayt

Science begins construction of a new classroom

One of the core values of the Western Australian curriculum is sustainability, and with this in mind the Science Department has started work on the construction of a new classroom. This classroom is currently the outside courtyard that is located on the eastern side of the Science block.

When the opportunity to re-use the old pool fence presented, Science grabbed this opportunity and used the fence to significantly enlarge the courtyard area. The courtyard is now double the original size and will feature an outdoor teaching area, a water tank, an increase in the number of potting benches and raised garden beds. The area will also include several aquaponic units as a teaching tool for the Year 10 and Senior School Integrated Science courses.

As the Science Department plan to reuse, recycle or repurpose materials in the design, they aim to have the new outdoor classroom up and running for the 2021 school year. Science HOLA Mr Graham Johnson commented that “we see this as a great opportunity to increase the students’ horticulture knowledge as well as modelling the ethos of re-use, recycle and repurpose”.

Year 7 Science

Some of the Year 7 students having great fun learning about pulleys in Science.