Students were laughing, throwing balls, sitting on motorcycles and playing video games with sight-altering glasses.

There was plenty of noise and excitement and they almost certainly came away richer for their experience at the school’s second annual RU OK? Day in the gymnasium last week.

Year 7 to 10 students tested their fitness, learned about mental health care, dental health, Type 2 diabetes, the effects of alcohol and more, as well as meeting and talking to Bikers Against Child Abuse and Guardians of Innocence.

As part of their Health classes, Year 11 students also provided highly interactive exhibits that captured the younger students’ attention and imagination (See separate item in this newsletter).

The event, coordinated by Health and Physical Education teacher Mr Andrew Neho, raised student awareness about health issues and risks they may encounter in the future.

“It helps to focus the attention of students on significant health issues,” Andrew said.

“I was really pleased with their response. They were eager to take part and to listen and learn.

They now may ask more questions and know that it’s OK to seek help, if needed.”

Andrew thanked the many staff and outside organisations who assisted in the day, as well as Coles and Woolworths supermarkets for donating some fruit and the Guardians of Innocence for the sausages that students enjoyed.