There was plenty of noise and excitement and students almost certainly came away richer for their experience at the school’s third annual RU OK? Day in the gymnasium in Week 9 of Term 3.

Year 7 to 10 students learned more about depression and anxiety, mental health care, positive relationships, effects of drugs and alcohol use, healthy and unhealthy foods. Students were laughing, throwing balls wearing vision-altering glasses. Headspace also attended with a lot of questions being answered along with our own school Community Health nurse.

As part of their Health Studies course with Mrs Soltoggio, the Year 11 students also provided interactive exhibits that captured the younger students’ attention and imagination; raising awareness about health issues and risks they may encounter in the future.

The Year 11 Health students and Mrs Soltoggio thank all the staff and external organisations who assisted on the day and to teachers who brought their classes down to view the displays on the day.

Pia Faletti
English Teacher | Year 8 Coordinator