Red Frogs

To support our Year 11 and 12 students as they edge closer to the end of their school year, Red Frogs presented their ‘Party Safe’ program to our students.

Red Frogs is an Australia wide program that educates young people about positive peer influences and safe partying behaviours, as well as supporting them at social events such as Leavers’ Week and music festivals.

Our presenter, Cameron, challenged students’ perceptions on alcohol consumption and recreational drug use, and empowered students to be socially responsible when dealing with peer pressure and consent.

Volunteers compared their estimates of a standard drink for various alcohols (using water!) with the actual amount, and ‘walked the line’ wearing ‘drunk simulation’ goggles to understand the effects of intoxication. While the topics covered were sometimes a little confronting, these were real life lessons that we hope will help keep our students safe.

And the red frogs distributed at the end of the session were delicious!