Following on from the previous newsletter, here is the second instalment of ‘Reasons to Read’:

  1. Reading improves memory. As you are reading a book you need to remember the details of the book; the characters, their backgrounds, personalities, the setting, the subplots – all this keeps your memory busy and functioning.
  2. Reading improves imagination. Fiction books make you imagine places you may not know – new worlds. This requires you to try to see things in your own mind – activating your imagination.
  3. Reading develops critical thinking skills. When you read you need to think about and process the information you are reading. If you read a mystery novel you are processing the information you read to work out the who and why behind the story to a greater extent than if you are watching a mystery on TV.


Pictured are some highly recommended novels from the school library that have a number of characters to follow and some mysteries, to assist your critical thinking.

Mrs Heather Fisher
Teacher | Librarian