I regularly hear “I don’t have time to read anymore” – both from students and adults. Life has become so fast-paced and unfortunately things we enjoy often take a back seat. Sometimes we just need a reminder of the very good reasons why we shouldn’t neglect to allow ourselves some “me” time. So therefore, here is the first instalment of reasons to read:

  1. We gain knowledge through reading. By reading we obtain new information that we would otherwise not know. Even fiction books give us knowledge – for example through the time and setting of the story, or health issues of characters. Authors typically research to make the background information in their book as realistic as possible.
  2. Reading improves your brain. Reading and puzzle solving work to keep your brain active and stimulated so it remains strong and healthy – like other muscles in our bodies.
  3. Reading reduces stress. Studies have shown that reading a book can reduce stress more than taking a walk or listening to music. Those who read regularly have lower levels of stress.

Pictured are some highly recommended novels from the library that give in-depth background detail.

Heather Fisher
Teacher | Librarian