Josh, Riley and Sam enjoy a relaxing read.

Khloee, Tia and Debbora follow on as the teacher reads aloud.

Improving literacy amongst our students is one of the top priorities at Warwick. Parents would already be aware that both NAPLAN and OLNA assess reading and that achieving competency in reading and reading comprehension is a requirement for gaining the WACE at the end of Year 12. One of the proven ways to achieve better literacy standards is through encouraging everyone to read every day.

Research has shown that uninterrupted reading aloud to students for 20 minutes per day, as they follow along on the page, can improve their literacy by 40% in just one term. Our students love being read to and we make it an every day practice in English.

Research has also shown that exposing ourselves to a wide range of reading material, such as novels, short stories, graphic novels, comics, picture books, recipes, brochures, newspapers and signs, can improve our literacy and ultimately pay huge dividends for us all!

Catherine Bromham
English/Literacy Coordinator