Review of 2018 School Year

During Term 1 of each year, every public school in Western Australia reviews the achievements of the school in the previous year with respect to its aims and priorities in the School Business Plan.

In the past few weeks, I have met with all the Warwick Heads of Learning Areas (HOLAs) and discussed all 2018 student grades from Year 7 to 12, and particularly the 2018 Year 12 results and achievements. HOLAs reported on their analysis of results and how they aimed to improve results for all their student groups in 2019. Annual reviews were completed by the areas of Vocational Education and Training (VET), Student Services and the school’s programs of Australian Rules Football, Netball, Dance and Music.

From the gathering and analysis of the school wide data, the Executive team will formulate a new set of strategic plans and targets for 2019, based on the current School Business Plan (2018 – 2020).  These plans will focus on improving not only student outcomes but also many other aspects of school operations that aim for the school’s continuous improvement and underpin ongoing student success.  These targets will endorsed by the School Board at the next meeting at end of Term 1.

Lesley Wintle

New Staff at Warwick

We welcome to our school and to the English teaching staff Ms Sally Tindall.  Ms Tindall brings a range of experience and knowledge to our staff.

Swimming Carnivals

Thank you to parents/carers and students for their patience with the delay in our annual school swimming carnivals! The pool pump finally expired after many years of being repaired. A new pump has been installed by the school, and the pool is fully functional again.

Students enjoying the swimming carnival.