Welcome to the 2019 year

Parents/Carers: Welcome to the 2019 school year!  I hope you have all enjoyed the school holidays and spent time with your children and relatives. My staff and I have, and we are now ready for school business!

The year has started well, with the school starting lessons very soon after 8.45 am on Monday 4 February. Year 10, 11 and 12 received their timetables and went straight to their first lesson, while Year 7, 8 and 9 had an extended assembly, to set the scene for this year for them.  The purpose of this was to ensure all students hear the same message about the school’s expectations of them for this year. I attended this assembly myself and some very clear expectations were outlined. These will also be outlined to parents/carers in a communication.

School and student achievements 2018

I am very proud to announce that Warwick’s Year 12 2018, have produced amazing results that are a credit to the students, their teachers and the school itself.  Year 12 is the culmination of 6 years of schooling, and it is the students’ grounding and learning skills that they develop across Years 7 to 11, that positions them for the best results possible in Year 12.  I wish all our Year 12 graduates a very successful 2019 and beyond. I am sure they will continue to make the school proud of them. (See this newsletter for an outline of the Year 12 results.)

Last year was a fantastic year in the life of Warwick SHS.  Being awarded the winner of the Governor’s School STEM Award for Leadership Excellence and the STEM Program of the Year in the Australian Education Awards was an outstanding achievement.  And to then have four staff ranked as finalists in the DOE Education Awards, and to have Mr Ben Garnaut win Beginning Teacher of the Year, capped off a remarkably stellar year for the school. Also our NAPLAN and OLNA results were highly acceptable. I look forward to another exciting year in 2019.

Welcome to new staff to Warwick SHS

  • Mrs Sonia Soltoggio – HOLA HPE
  • Mr Jason Tomlinson –  Student Services Manager
  • Ms Millie Bawski – Music
  • Mr Chris Chatterton – HASS and English
  • Mr Tom Curtin – HPE
  • Mrs Renae Kolia – School Psychologist (Semester 1)
  • Mr Tony Mayo – Mathematics
  • Mrs Katherine Mosele – Student Support Officer (Years 8-12)
  • Ms Tuyen Nguyen – Science
  • Ms Emily Sainty – HPE
  • Mr Paul Shroj – D&T
  • Ms Michelle Turner – Marketing & Media, Principal’s PA
  • Ms Savannah Pecnik – School Officer

New roles for 2019:

  • Mr Jeremy Caspersz – HOLA Technologies
  • Mr Adam Pesce – Year 7 Co-ordinator
  • Ms Bree Barber – Year 12 Co-ordinator
  • Ms Hannah Moran – Student Council Co-ordinator

School Board – New members required

The Warwick School Board is seeking new members for 2019.  The School Board is the school’s governing body that oversees the school’s implementation of its vision, Business Plan and priorities each year.

There are currently vacancies for a Parent Representative and a Community Representative (who may also be a parent!).  If you are interested please e-mail the Principal via the Enquiries e-mail (warwick.shs.enquiries@education.wa.edu.au) or call the switchboard and ask to speak to me.  Application for membership is by a simple one (1) page proforma.  If there is more than one applicant for each category, then an election will be held.

Student pick up and drop off

As of Week 3, parents are asked to drop off and pick up all students at the rear of the school in Lloyd Drive.  This road goes directly through the Warwick Bushland from Warwick Road to Beach Road and is a 40 km/hr speed zone.  Parents are permitted to park in the bowling club and tennis club car parks.

The Erindale Road carpark is too small to accommodate anything but parked cars, deliveries and especially emergency vehicles (when they required).

Please assist the school by using Lloyd Drive, not the Erindale Road carpark.

Lesley Wintle