Welcome to the 2021 school year!

The term has started well, despite the interruption of a lockdown in the first week! While students may have missed their school mates and meeting their new teachers, the staff used it for extra preparation time for the start of the year. They looked on it as bonus time for extra preparation! As we always say… “A teacher’s work is never done!”.

I was extremely pleased with the students in the week that they were required to wear a mask. Only a very small number of students needed to be supplied with a mask, and a few were given to students whose mask straps had broken during the day.

I was very proud of them and you should be too!

Term 1 is a short 9 week term, due to early Easter for 2021, but Term 2 will be one week longer due to this. Please check the school’s calendar on the Warwick Website for the significant dates in Semester 1. The calendar is updated frequently so as such is accurate as possible.

New Staff for 2021

Warwick has some new teachers for 2021. These people have replaced staff who have moved to other schools, taken a promotion or are working for the Department of Education in Central Office.

Welcome to our new staff at Warwick Senior High School:

  • Maria Armit – Home Economics Assistant
  • Matt Bartlett – Chaplain
  • Abbie Bezant – Technologies and The Arts
  • Helen Clews – Laboratory Technician
  • Maggie Glover – VET/WPL
  • Amie Haag – Health and Physical Education
  • Keegan Lane – Mathematics
  • Annelise Luton – Home Economics
  • Gemma Novotny – Senior School Student Services Manager
  • Loretta Marlan – HASS
  • Kate Morrison – English
  • Duane Smith – AIEO

Returning staff:

  • Jacqui Balde – Science
  • Rebecca Bennett – School Psychologist
  • Suzanne Goldman – Technologies
  • Justine Kidner – Home Economics
  • Sarah Miller – Health and Physical Education

Staff who have left Warwick Senior High School are:

A number of staff have left the school, for a variety of reasons. We wish them every success in their new roles. Natalie Coley (Canteen Assistant), Vikki Grasso (Home Economics Assistant), Hayley Hipgrave (Home Economics), Robin Leake (VET/WPL), Diane Maseyk (School Psychologist), Iain McAlpine (HASS), Christine Milner (Canteen Manager), Jade Muli (AIEO), Glenn Osborne (English/Media), Emily Sainty (HPE), Elise Smith (VET/WPL), Nicole Temov (English), Jason Tomlinson (Student Services Manager), Will Veldman (Chaplain).

Year 12 Student Outcomes 2020

Year 12 results and achievements

WACE Achievement Rate: 91.67%

Year 12 Attainment rate: 100%

VET Certificate Attainment: 100%

ATAR Dux: Devdhar Mehta

General Dux: Dakota Brown


Warwick Senior High school Year 12 students performed creditably and as expected in 2020. We are very pleased with the overall results and achievements of our Year 12 students.

  • Of 72 eligible Year 12 students in 2020:
    • 67% (73) achieved the WA Certificate of Education (WACE) (Like schools 86%; Public schools 89%)
    • 100% met the WACE Achievement Standard (C Grade Requirement, English competence and ATAR or VET Certificate II or higher)
    • 100% met the DOE Attainment Rate of ATAR >=55 and/or Certificate II or higher (Like schools 94%; All Public schools 96%)
  • ATAR Pathway Performance
    • Median ATAR score (middle score): 73.25 (increased from 60.8 in 2019)
  • VET Pathway Performance
    • 100% VET Achievement (competing a Cert II or higher), i.e. every Year 12 student
    • Students with three or more qualifications: 8
    • Students with two or more qualifications: 41 (40%, increased from 23 per cent in 2018)
  • WACE Certificates of Distinction awarded: 1 (Devdhar Mehta)
  • WACE Certificates of Merit awarded: 1 (Dakota Brown)

(These awards based on number of A and B grades gained in Year 11 and 12)

University scholarships awarded to Year 12 students:

John Curtin scholarship (Curtin University): Alana Dooley

University of WA Engineering Scholarship: Devdhar Mehta

Hackett Scholarship (UWA): Louis Marlam

Curtin University Shape Award: Lilly Bailey

A total of approx. $100 000 was awarded to Warwick Year 12 students for further study.

OLNA Results 2020

The OLNA results for the Year 12 students were excellent and each subject mean was above the state mean, which is outstanding. These are the best results achieved by Warwick Senior High School students since the inception of the OLNA testing.

School 2018

School 2019 School 2020

State Mean 2020

Comments 2020 Cohort


94.29% 98.70% 94.44%


Represents 4 students not achieving Reading


97.14% 98.70% 94.44%


Represents 4 students not achieving Writing


92.86% 97.40% 94.44%


Represents 4 students not achieving Numeracy

Lesley Wintle