Term 3, 2020 has come to an end! And I can firmly say, “It has almost been normal!”. The majority of things that a school usually undertakes were able to be undertaken, with the exception of our whole school assemblies. 700 people and only one basketball court sized gym, doesn’t equate to good social distancing!

We resumed our year group assemblies, where only a single year group of students assembles and is addressed by their Year Coordinator, Associate Principal and other key staff, including myself. With groups of approximately 120 students, we can social distance the group. If students receive awards, there is no handshaking, just elbow bumps and their certificate or trophy. We are still encouraging hand sanitising, washing of hands and not drinking from water fountains. We aim to keep observing COVID spread prevention measures as long as possible.

Canteen Update: the new operators of our canteen, CARAD, have settled in well, after their very speedy takeover. Our food service has been maintained as we have requested. I have encouraged students to be patient, as the canteen serving time was a little longer than usual as the new front counter staff learnt the routines.

Having served in the canteen myself when it has been short staffed, the front counter is not a job for the faint hearted. Within a week or so the counter staff were serving much faster.  The staff also manned a sausage sizzle and drink stand on the oval on the day of our sports carnival for everyone to access.  We sincerely thank the Canteen staff for their work for us in Term 3 and look forward to working with them in Term 4, when they will solely operate the canteen.

I must congratulate our Year 12 students and their teachers! The academic year for the Year 12 group was disrupted in late Term 1 and early Term 2, due to student absences and class disruptions due to COVID.  Also learning remotely in this time, did not suit a number of our students for a variety of reasons.  So when school resumed in Week 3 Term 2, the students were at different places in their programs and teachers had to work very hard to ensure students who had fallen behind could catch up, and all students were engaged into their work to complete Year 12. So there has been a lot of gentle guidance of students and encouragement and praise, to ensure all students were focussed on Year 12 completion and their individual success.

And I can proudly say that in this last week of Year 12 (for the General students) all VET results have been submitted to SCSA and the majority of work has been finalised for school staff to mark.  Now it is only our ATAR students who will have their mock exams in Week 2 of the holidays, some revision and consolidation on Weeks 1 & 2 of Term 4, then on to the ATAR exams, which start on Monday 2 November.  I wish the ATAR students the best for the mock exams.

Have a wonderful break with your children, and make sure they are rested and revitalised for the all important last term of the year.

Lesley Wintle