Term 2 has been a very good term, considering the start that we had and what it could have been.

It was very pleasing to see that parents/carers took the advice given to them by the state government and the health experts, and sent their children back to school in early Term 2.  As I have said many times, I always had absolute faith in the advice given, and I also felt our geography was a very positive factor in our state’s favour.

Our Term 2 attendance rate started at 70% in the first (shortened) week, then to 80% and 90% by Week 3. As I have said many times, this was fantastic!  (Note: 90% is our approximate daily attendance rate on any given day).

Due to the lack of any excursions or incursions due to the restrictions, there has been the opportunity for teaching staff to provide an uninterrupted program in their classrooms, and continue to cover the curriculum.  If you have had any concerns that your child/children may have fallen behind, I can assure you that the staff are working very hard to ensure that lost class time through absences due to COVID, is being made up.

Particular focus of teachers is the Year 12 students and their work.  Teachers are ensuring the curriculum will be finished, assessments are completed and the ATAR students are prepared and ready for their ATAR exams in November.  And at the same time, that the Year 12 General and VET students have finished their courses too.  We are aiming for all students to achieve their WACE as most of our Year 12s always do.

For all parents/carers: please be assured that your children are in the hands of professional and caring staff, who will ensure the rest of this year is as normal as possible for all students.  From feedback from the teachers, most of the students have settled and are doing their best work, but I am aware of some who are reluctant to get on with what is required.  The teachers are working with these students and no doubt parents will be receiving Connect notices if the work is not done or behaviour is not appropriate.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Warwick Senior High School. We work hard to ensure that our school is the best possible place for your children.

Please note: this newsletter contains articles written before the COVID crisis hit, and when the school was in full normal operation. We will return to our usual newsletter early next term.

Lesley Wintle