Welcome to the 2020 year

Warwick has had a fantastic start to 2020!  The students have settled into their classes very well, including the Year 7 students who have grown in confidence every day.  They started the year shy and subdued (mostly!) but within a few weeks were confident to find rooms, teachers and get right into their work.

As Principal I am very pleased with the overall school results for 2019.  In every measure (NAPLAN, OLNA, Year 12 results) we are achieving better than expected.  This can be attributed to the programs that we have in place from Year 7 onwards, that ensure by the time our students reach each significant academic milestone, they have covered the necessary curriculum and have developed the skills and knowledge to apply themselves fully to the assessment to be completed.

Welcome to our new staff at Warwick Senior High School:

  • Mr William Allan: Lower School Student Services Manager
  • Miss Sarah Cotter: Home Economics teacher
  • Mr Ralf Chono-Schaa: Science teacher
  • Mrs Kirsty Eastman:  Home Economics Assistant (part time)
  • Mrs Hayley Hipgrave: Home Economics teacher
  • Miss Kiara McCauley: Science teacher
  • Mrs Nyree McDonald: Mathematics teacher
  • Mr Jacob Peletier: AFL Sports Ready Trainee

Returning staff:

  • Ms Jackie Balde: Science teacher (replacing Malcolm Dodds for Semester 1)
  • Ms Rebecca Bennett: School Psych – returning from North Metro REO
  • Mr Bruce Edwards: Mathematics teacher
  • Ms Robin Leake: WPL Coordinator in Semester 1.
  • Ms Suzi Prendergast: English teacher

New Roles for 2020:

  • Mrs Maire Allan:  VET Coordinator
  • Ms Louise Kirkby: Upper School Student Services Manager and Year 10 Coordinator
  • Mr Glenn Osborne: Student Council Coordinator, House system Coordinator

Staff who have left Warwick Senior High School are:

  • Mr David Goulding: Design and Technologies teacher (retired)
  • Mr Robert Stewart: HOLA Physical Education (retired)
  • Mr Ben Garnaut: Science teacher (HOLA at Pinjarra Senior High School 2020)
  • Miss Karen Alford: Technologies teacher
  • Ms Christine Evans: Home Economics teacher
  • Miss Claire Morrison: School Psychologist
  • Ms Tuyen Nguyen: Science teacher
  • Ms Michelle Turner: Media and Marketing Officer

Dux Award – ATAR – Aden Pegler

Dux Award – General – Ava Fletcher

Year 12 Student Outcomes 2019

Year 12 results and achievements

WACE Achievement Rate: 96.1 %

Year 12 Attainment rate: 100%

VET Certificate Attainment: 100%

ATAR Dux: Aden Pegler

General Dux: Ava Fletcher


Warwick Senior High school Year 12 students performed creditably and as expected in 2019. We are very pleased with the overall results and achievements of our Year 12 students.

  • Of 76 eligible Year 12 students in 2019:
    • 96.1% (73) achieved the WA Certificate of Education (WACE) (Like schools 85%; Public schools 88.3%)
    • 97% met the WACE Achievement Standard (C Grade Requirement, English competence and ATAR or VET Certificate II or higher)
    • 100% met the DOE Attainment Rate of ATAR >=55 and/or Certificate II or higher (Like schools 95%; All Public schools 95%)
  • ATAR Pathway Performance
    • Median ATAR score (middle score): 60.8
  • VET Pathway Performance
    • 100% VET Achievement
    • Students with three or more qualifications: 4
    • Students with two or more qualifications: 25 (30%, increased from 23 per cent in 2018)
  • WACE Certificates of Distinction awarded: 1 (Aden Pegler)
  • WACE Certificates of Merit awarded: 2 (Zoe Clarke, Breanna Wills)

(These awards based on number of A and B grades gained in Year 11 and 12)

University scholarships awarded to Year 12 students:

Curtin University Excellence Scholarship:  Aden Pegler

Curtin University Shape Awards:

Luke Vu, Zoe Clarke, Breanna Wills, Phillip Nguyen, Joey Armitage, Declan Hames

Edith Cowan University: Jordon Murfitt

University of WA Principal’s Citizenship Award: Cynthia Pitts

A total of $39 000 awarded to Year 12 students for further study

OLNA Results 2019

  • The OLNA results for the Year 12 students were excellent and each subject mean was above the state mean, which is outstanding. These are the best results achieved by Warwick Senior High School students since the inception of the OLNA testing.


School 2017 School 2018 School 2019 State Mean 2019

Comments 2019 Cohort

Reading 96.9% 94.29% 98.70% 97.9%  Above State (1 student did not achieve Reading)
Writing 98.0% 97.14% 98.70% 97.1%  Above State (1 student did not achieve Writing)
Numeracy 92.96% 92.86% 97.40% 96.6% Above State (2 students did not achieve Numeracy)

Lesley Wintle