Term 3 is a very busy term for Warwick SHS. Many things that have been developing across the year finally come to fruition. I have had the pleasure this term of attending events including Dancefest, House Athletics Carnival, Science Week, Literacy and Numeracy week, the Year 12 English Speech awards, R U OK day etc.

These events are planned and conducted by staff in addition to the preparation of lessons for their daily classes and any marking that may result from the lessons.  There is no extra time given to staff or extra pay for the “overtime” worked by teachers.  Also none of these activities are compulsory for staff to conduct, so I must congratulate and thank the teachers and support staff that plan and run these events.

These are great examples of how our staff is committed to our vision of “Creating Positive Futures”. Students are able to take part in the planning and execution of these events and develop their leadership skills in doing so. They develop leadership skills as dance choreographers, Faction leaders, experimenters and researchers, and learning the skill to speak in public.  The best aspect for me is to see them develop the willingness to “have a go”.  As a school we encourage the students to attempt everything and give it your best effort.

Lesley Wintle