Our School Captains Welcome 2021

A message from Ella Ferguson and Chris Southall, 2021 School Captains; to all students on return to school:

“No one likes the holidays to end but we are both relieved that Term One has started. As Year 12 students, we are looking forward to our last year in high school and are sure the Year 7 students are excited for their first. We have worked with members of the Senior Student Council and staff members to organise activities throughout the year to support our school. And we can’t wait to bring these initiatives to you!

Even though our return is met with restrictions, we, along with the rest of our year, are grateful we can get back to learning. Yes, masks are uncomfortable, and it might be a little harder to hear conversations, but we are asking for everyone to show their support and bring their own. If our health care professionals can wear PPE daily, then surely we can wear a mask this week.

We have missed the classroom atmosphere over the holidays and believe we are truly fortunate to be returning to face to face teaching. So please do the right thing, by social distancing, washing your hands regularly, wearing masks appropriately and staying home if you are sick so we can all get through this and return to our normal fun loving school environment as soon as possible”.