Magic the Gathering is the most popular and extensive collectible card game in the world, with over 35 million players worldwide and over 16,000 individual cards that can be used in the game.

Created by Mathematics Professor Richard Garfield for teaching his children Mathematics, the game has fascinated and entertained all kinds of people since 1993. Magic is a perfect mixture of game play and structure, strategy and planning, creating and collaborating, and a million possibilities to explore and brainstorm; Magic the Gathering is a STEAM skills experience!

Our club (Magic at Warwick) is about as casual play as you can get, and is essentially about playing the game. Players don’t need to know how to play at all, or even have a single card to their name to get involved, they just show up.

The Magic at Warwick Club has a supply of cards and pre-built decks for anyone who wants to attend and try it out. We would love to teach you how to play! If you have your own cards/decks or random assortment of cards from an older relative, we would love to play against you and/or help you build a deck.

The club aims to meet every Tuesday after school from 3:00 pm until about 5:00 pm in HASS 1. Both male and female students from all year groups and staff from different learning areas attend and we look forward to meeting new players.

Mr Ian McAlpine
HASS Teacher