Lunar New Year Incursion

The Lunar New Year marks the first new moon of the lunisolar calendar, which is traditionally used in many east Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Singapore and South Korea. In these and other Asian countries, it is one of the most important holidays of the year!

The Chung Wah Association visited our school on Friday 19 February to celebrate the Lunar New Year and performed an amazing lion dance. The lion, a symbol of power, wisdom and good fortune, chases away evil spirits and brings happiness, longevity, and good luck.

Students became part of the recess performance as the two lions made their way through the crowds blessing each student with good luck for the year in the form of mandarins, gifts and friendly gestures. The performance was exciting and the talented musicians played instruments that could be heard throughout the school community.

We appreciate The Chung Wah Association for taking the time to visit our school. A great way to end the school week!

Ms Lou Kirkby
Student Services Manager