Around the school

The lower school students have recently been very busy with all of their usual classroom activities with a lot of extracurricular activities also on the go!

  • All students from Years 7 to 12 have had their photos taken and we hope that our families enjoy these treasured memories that document your children as they grow.
  • We attended our annual Swimming Carnival (although a little later than expected!) and the Year 7 students who participated in their first carnival with us, swam some amazing times! Our Year 8 and 9 students were equally fantastic.  It was great to see the students participating at short notice and in some rather inclement weather.
  • Students in Year 7 and 8 had their immunisations. All of our students put on their brave faces and enjoyed a lolly after their needles.  Apart from a few sore arms, the students’ really showed their resilience.

As always we are proud of our students and it is great to see them all working hard to Aspire, Learn and Grow.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me via email

Returning to Primary School to Share the Word on Warwick

On March 7 some of our former Hawker Park PS students returned to their primary school to share their thoughts on being a student at Warwick SHS.  Eamonn Chandler from Year 7 gave an excellent assembly presentation to students from his former school, outlining the fantastic programs on offer at Warwick.  He also discussed how exciting it was to be involved with swimming and IT as part of the regular curriculum.  A huge thanks to Eamonn for representing Warwick brilliantly and hopefully we will be able to get some more of our current students back to their primary schools to continue to share our amazing achievements here at Warwick.

Belinda Hall
Associate Principal

Eamonn Chandler and Luke Wills return to Hawker Park Primary School to represent Warwick SHS.