Welcome back for our Year 8 and 9 students and welcome to the Year 7 students joining Warwick Senior High School for the first time in 2019.  We have already had a very busy start to the year.

This year we have had a slight change to the groupings of students and Associate Principal’s responsibilities.  I am very happy to be working with our Year 7 to 9 students as part of my role as Associate Principal for lower school.  This will include working with our current lower school students and helping Year 6 students transition smoothly into Warwick SHS.

We started off the year with an Assembly for all Lower School students to set our expectations for the year and meet some of our staff members.  Students then received their timetables and moved quickly off to class to start their learning.  I have been out and about the school and have been extremely pleased to see our students in uniform and working hard.  I have also been very impressed by the kindness, and respect that students have been showing each other and the staff here at Warwick SHS.

Coming events

On Friday February 15, all Year 7 students and their parents are invited to a ‘Meet and Greet’ event at the school swimming pool.  Invitations to this event were recently sent out to parents and carers of Year 7 students and we hope to get an opportunity to meet as many Year 7 families as possible.

School photos will be taken early March and immunisations are also scheduled for March.  Information about both of these important events will be coming home soon, so keep an eye out.

Student Representatives

Students will have an opportunity to experience the role of Student Representative in lower school before they take on the important role of Student Councillor in Senior School.  Year Coordinators will facilitate this process and I would encourage all students to apply and help develop their leadership skills.  It really is a fantastic opportunity and one students always enjoy.

I believe strongly in communication between our school and our families so I will use Connect notices, email and Facebook to promote events that are happening in lower school.  If at any time you have feedback or a comment or concern please feel free to contact me via email Belinda.Hall@education.wa.edu.au.

Belinda Hall
Associate Principal